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Related post: Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 02:21:53 +0000 From: Sensual Peach Subject: Passion for Truth**Disclaimer**This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locals, or persons living or dead, is entirely coincidental.Passion For Truth (Ff, Adult-Youth) by Sensual thong child nude Peach ( Copyright (c) 2006 Katherine strained her eyes through the slats of the closet door, struggling to make out the scene unfolding on the outside. It had just been mere moments since her mother had quickly ushered her out of sight and pleaded with her to stay quiet.". I know Barbara, I know!" Katherine's father yelled. "Just call 911.""But Michael . Kate! We have to ." Katherine immediately felt her children fucking porn heart start to quicken as she heard the growing hysteria in her mother's voice."Kate is fine! Kate just stay quiet honey, ok? Cover yourself with that blanket. See? She's fine . now call the police."Barbara nodded slowly, her eyes still wide with panic. Gathering her thoughts and trying somewhat unsuccessfully to calm her fears, the woman began to dial the emergency line. Her hand shook as she completed the sequence of three numbers and listened to the connecting ring.Katherine could feel tears starting to stream down her cheeks as she watched her father reach into a drawer and remove a small handgun and box of bullets.Suddenly, porn children gratis a loud crash signaled the entrance of two large men through the main door. With whirlwind speed one of the thugs rushed up and punched Katherine's father hard in the stomach causing him to crumple to the floor. The gun he held in his hand dropped from his fingers and hit with a muffled clank. Seconds afterward, the second man snatched the phone from Katherine's mother and abruptly ripped the cord from the wall. The young girl in the closet whimpered at the violence unfolding upon her parents but remained still and silent."Mr. Floren," a silken voice said from the broken doorway. "I've been hearing some disturbing rumors."Katherine squinted through the closet slats once again and watched a tall, slender female form stride into the room. She was unable see the woman's face from the angle of the closet but could still make out a long mane of blonde hair. The woman boldly looked around the room for only a moment and immediately noticed the gun on the floor."Tsk, Tsk, Tsk." The woman chided. "Is this anyway to greet your business partners for a friendly drop-in?""Listen *cough* just let my wife go and we'll talk." Katherine's father wheezed as he struggled to his feet."I don't think so Mr. Floren," the woman said nodding to one of the thugs. Without a word he slapped Katherine's mother hard across the face causing her to fall to the floor. Barbara Floren began to cry child sex download as she curled up against the couch."Stop it! Stop . please" Katherine's father pleaded."I don't have time for this to get out of hand." The blonde woman said callously as she removed a concealed gun from her jacket. Coldly she fired and struck Katherine's mother.Katherine sat frozen with fear. She wanted to cry out, she wanted to leap from the closet and pull her parents to safety but found herself unable to lift her limbs."NO! BARBARA!" The pained voice of russian sexy childs Katherine's father echoed throughout the room.*CRACK* A hard packing sound boomed as the blonde woman used the butt of her gun to hit Michael Floren across the jaw."You misunderstand why I'm here, Mr. Floren." The woman said adjusting her hair. "You broke the arrangement you had with my father and I'm here to collect on the penalty.""I-I did what I had to do." Katherine's father said hanging his head."Yes, of course you did" The woman said in mock sympathy. "and so must I."The woman took careful aim and fired .*****Kate Floren gasped and sat up in bed, her skin drenched in cold sweat. A flash of lighting preceded an immediate crack of thunder.Another nightmare.The same nightmare, always the same. Kate had been haunted every night for over 20 years since that night. She couldn't escape the vision of her father's murder and she knew it was tearing her up inside.The room was faintly lit by moonlight as Kate slid her hand across the mattress of the bed only to find it empty. Cynthia was gone. "Of course she's gone." Kate thought to herself. After the last fight she hadn't expected her to return.Gazing over at her kds chill porn night table, Kate noticed the blinking red light of her answering machine. She wondered for a moment how she had missed the light in the first place and then settled on the fact that she had either childs hentais slept through the call or been too preoccupied to notice it when she had arrived home late that night. Pressing the play button Kate soon cringed at the voice which started to speak."Kate, it's Cynthia. Are you there? . Of course not. You're NEVER there. You were never there for me."Kate shook her head for a moment in disagreement but knew that Cynthia was right."Look, I didn't want to do this over the phone, but you never want to talk face to face anyway. Every time we sleep together I wake up alone. I don't know what your looking for but it's not me. Goodbye, Kate."It was hard to argue with her logic. Kate's duties as a police detective kept her out at odd hours and undercover for weeks at a time. Kate sighed and ran a hand through her long brown hair. She told herself that Cynthia had known what she was getting into and if she couldn't handle it . they were obviously better off apart. Wiping away a stray tear and sniffling away her building emotion she decided a jog was in order. The fresh air always made her feel better.*****"Alexis Chambers." Kate said silently to herself as she read the label of the manila file folder laid out on her desk. The name had become infamous over the past few years amongst the criminal element. Kate continued to read: Daughter of the mob boss Joshua "The Gas" Chambers, rumored to be named as such due to the extreme number of executions ordered under his authority."Yeah, more likely it had something to do with flatulence." Kate chuckled.Money laundering, extortion, gun running, drug deals . the list had only grown since Alexis had taken over. Joshua Chambers had been found murdered in his home five years ago and his ambitious offspring had quickly seized power. In fact, three other mob bosses had been killed shortly after Joshua's death. It child porno archive was a solid sure bet Alexis was directly involved. But as usual, there was no hard evidence of any of this information. Alexis always covered her tracks with no paper trails and no witnesses. Kate immediately knew the situation was dire when the Chambers file had landed on her desk. Nothing ever landed in her lap unless other areas of the department had been compromised. Detective Floren was unshakable in her drive to hunt down and punish those on the dark side of the law.A few black and white photos taken from a telephoto lens accompanied the file. The pictures were a few months old but depicted Alexis Chambers coming and going from her lavish estate in the hills and her high-rise office building in the business district."Age 49?" Kate said with a hint of surprise. A pair of large black sunglasses hid the woman's eyes in all the shots but her presented skin was virtually wrinkle free. Her long blonde hair perfectly encircled nude litle child her face in a manner that only the richest in society seem to attain. Alexis' business suits were distinctly feminine with less than conservative skirts and cleavage showing tops."No wonder they call her the Black Widow." Kate said taking a moment to admire Alexis' form.The Black Widow. More of a media creation than any official mob nickname. Alexis Chambers had married very young, most likely after becoming pregnant. Not long afterwards her husband disappeared without a trace. The "official" story was that he ran off, not wanting to deal with fatherhood. The story was an obvious excuse for murder and Kate frowned at Alexis' cold expression in the picture she held."My, My it just keeps getting worse and worse for this family." Kate whispered as child sexphoto she continued the dossier. Alexis' son Philip had lived long enough to get married and have a daughter of his own only to die along with his wife in a freak car accident. Custody of the orphan Ashley Chambers was immediately given to Alexis."Ashley Chambers." Kate thought to herself as she flipped through a few more photos of Alexis. Soon she arrived upon a shot of a young dirty blonde girl who seemed to be staring right at the camera. The teenager's smoky eyes seemed to be holding back the pain of a thousand secrets and Kate stared in silence for several minutes."Age, 14" Kate said outloud. "Born in the United States but schooled for several years in England . was training to become an Olympic gymnast until her parents' death."A slight swell of emotion came over Kate as she was hit by a familiar wave of guilt. Convinced that if she had only been brave enough to burst from the closet and confront her parents' attackers, Kate hated herself for her moment of cowardice. She immediately buried the swelling remorse and resumed her research.Alexis was untouchable and getting close to her directly was impossibility. The granddaughter Ashley presented the best connection to any evidence of Alexis' multitude of crimes."If I can nude fucking children get a connection through Ashley I can child image slut get closer to Alexis' secrets."*****>From the very beginning of her surveillance Kate quickly discovered Ashley Chambers was no longer an ordinary 14 year old. If the girl went to school at all it was through a tutor, as the hours she kept were far from commonplace. Observation of the Chambers estate revealed that Ashley left around 10 pm and did not return until 4 or 5 a.m the next day. The night was spent going to dance clubs and partying the hours away. Ashley's young age was no problem for the local clubs as her name carried her grandmother's clout behind it."Quite the night owl." Kate thought to herself as she sat in a parked car across from The Hustle. She had observed the teenager enter the club about five hours ago with an entourage of hangers-on and at least one bodyguard. Rolling down her window for a breath of fresh-air, Kate sighed for a moment as she evaluated her options. Getting close to Ashley may be easier than getting to Alexis herself but not by much. The risks were still extremely high and the club scene was just another aspect that the drained detective loathed. Still, it wasn't enough to prevent her from attempting a meeting.It was only the second night into following Ashley when Kate decided to take a shot at face to face contact. She entered Starlite Room a little after midnight on a Friday night and was immediately stuck by the throbbing music. The pounding beat of some European dance song thumped through her chest and reverberated in the walls of the club. Kate found she had made a wise zoo child tgp decision to leave her jacket in the car as she felt the abrupt heat of a thousand dancing bodies. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror she adjusted her black jeans and brushed some dust from her white top. Kate's dark brown hair cascaded down just past her shoulders framing her striking features. As Kate made her way into the main hall, several of the club patrons stopped for a moment to stare at her entrance. Noticing the eyes on her Kate quickly became very self-conscious and responded folding her hot childs incest arms across her stomach. Unwilling to stand still any longer, Kate made her way through a crush of people to the bar."A Sprite, please." She hollered to the bartender.Kate had never been a big drinker. She had never developed a taste for it and avoided alcohol whenever possible.Staring out over the crowd as another hard thumping dance song started up. The crush of people made it almost impossible to see anything properly and Ashley's height was going to make it even more difficult. Kate quickly made her way to the large balcony floor overlooking the dance floor. It took only pussy child pictures a few seconds of scanning to see "her" .Ashley thrashed her head to the pulsing sound as her dirty blonde hair accented with a pink and baby blue dye job flew everywhere. The girl wore a pair of tight leather pants and a top held together by dainty little strings of material that laced across her back. Kate watched intently as the song sped up into a hurried rhythm and Ashley curved her arms back towards her hips. The girl splayed her fingers and curled them around as if she were treading water. Ashley swung her hips and tilted her face up to the strobe light giving Kate a view of her mouth signing the nonsense syllables of the music.Kate made her way back down to the dance floor and began to feel the thunderous blare of music and people inside her. Inching closer into Ashley's view Kate took in a deep breath and soon gave herself up to the music. She moved on instinct, feeling the brief brushes of warm strangers against the bare skin of her arms. The heat and flashing lights whirled together, feeding the growing frenzy within her. When she saw Ashley's eyes glance in her direction, Kate lifted her hands through her hair and returned the eye contact. Ashley's face gave no hint of recognition but Kate still flashed a smile and a quick nod. The girl looked away and slid her hands down her body, inviting everyone within fifty feet to check her out.All of a sudden, crowd of people began to block Kate's view and a wave of embarrassment at her actions washed over her. She hadn't danced like that in years, ever since her wilder college years. To Kate it felt like there were a ton of cutting eyes on her, where in reality the group of dancers that had formed around her were disappointed in her immediate stop.Kate rushed from the dance floor and found refuge in a semi-quiet corner of the club. Flopping down in an empty chair she blew asian nude child a puff of air and let the fresh memory of Ashley's dancing race through her mind."That outfit she's wearing ... no one would ever think she's a not-even-sixteen kid from the upper-class neighborhood." Kate's thought to herself."Why'd you quit?" a voice said from behind.Kate quickly sat up in the chair and turned her head to see Ashley Chambers standing beside her. The teenager was still breathing hard and a light sheen of sweat gleamed under the lights of the club."I, uh, couldn't keep up." Kate replied."I thought you were doing just fine.""Yeah, well ." Kate said looking away for a moment.Someone from the dance floor called to Ashley and she made a slight move to leave."What are you drinking?" Kate started."Just water.""Can I top you off?" Kate said reaching into the pocket of her jeans for some cash."I think I can get my own water." The girl smiled."No, No" Kate said reaching for the girl's hand. "Let me, you out danced me fair and square. Plus, you look like you could use a cool drink about now."Kate felt the hot flesh of Ashley's hand and looked into her dark green eyes. A stunning young woman, there was no doubt about it.Ashley waved off the group on the dance floor and moved closer to Kate. "Evian would be great."As the two made their way to the bar, the thumping music suddenly ceased. Without warning the house lights switched on and the intense light caused the sea of people to collectively groan and yell in annoyance.A booming male voice began to shout over the loudspeakers, "Ok ladies and gentleman, this is the police. Have your I.D ready.""Right on time." Kate said inaudibly.The black and whites were part of her Plan B action. Kate had called in an anonymous drug tip saying that there was massive trafficking going on in the club. The mayor's recent crackdown on drugs to pander to the voters would have allowed Kate to point Ashley out and get her in for questioning. But since the conversation was just getting started with Ashley, Kate no longer had use for that plan."Oh damnit, Oh no." Ashley whined. "I can't be here."The fact that she was underage would be more of a problem for the club rather than Ashley if she was caught. Kate concluded that getting caught in this place by the police would get her in hot water with mighty Grandmum Alexis than anything else. Kate took the girl by the hand and pulled her towards a back exit."Come'on," Kate said calmly. "we're getting out of here."Ashley didn't argue and willingly followed Kate through the crowd of people who were starting to panic and run for the exits."This way." Kate said moving towards a door marked Authorized Personnel.Racing down a long dark hallway of offices with Ashley in tow, Kate soon reached a heavy metal door and pushed it open. The cool night air greeted them and Ashley immediate held her shoulders for warmth."Hold it you two." A voice boomed from the shadows. Kate pushed Ashley behind her and faced the police officer who stepped forward. "Let's see some I.D, lady."Kate smiled and stepped closer to child nudists thumbs the officer. "Yeah, sure." She said reaching into her back pocket.Ashley stood a few steps back with a look of worry. The girl began to shiver as she watched Kate reach for her wallet. She looked at Kate and then down the alleyway and wondered silently whether or not she could make a break for it. Before Ashley children sex fuck could finish the thought, Kate gave the officer a swift knee to the groin. The man groaned and fell to his knees on the pavement."Wh-What did you do?" Ashley stammered."Just run!" Kate yelled as she grasped Ashley's shoulders."Y-You kicked that cop!""There! That car," Kate said pointing. "get in!"Unlocking the driver's side, Kate flung open the door and guided Ashley in. Seconds later they were speeding away from the club leaving the flashes of red and blue police lights behind. A*****Alexis Chambers stared down at the stunning woman who was gently caressing her firm ass."MmmmHmm, you can tell I work out, can't you Minori?" Alexis said with a wicked smile.Minori smiled and fingered around Alexis' child rape vids crack and slowly dove a single finger down the older blonde's now dripping pussy. Minori russian child naked Hiroko was considered Alexis' "latest acquisition" and she was putting her to good use. The woman of Korean and Japanese decent was hired as Alexis' new bodyguard but found her "other talents" being put to good use.Alexis' gasped in pleasure as she felt her pussy being penetrated by Minori's nimble digit. Leaning against the smaller woman's sweaty bosom, Alexis gazed with lust at Minori's beautiful exotic face partially hidden behind her messy brown locks. The bodyguard continued probing her finger through the hot inner walls of Alexis' body causing her to sigh deeply. Alexis moved herself onto all fours on the bed, ready to come at any second. Minori looked over at her employer, unable to see her face but able to hear her growing cries of sexual bliss through the mess of blonde hair. Minori watched Alexis' ample breasts swaying back and forth as she pumped her finger and tried to reach out and grab one of the sweaty mounds with her lips. Her lips longed to taste the sweet sweat dripping of Alexis' child anal pic rock hard nipples. Alexis sensed Minori's intentions and teasingly kept her breasts out of reach. The sex childrens photos body guard responded by pumping her fingers in rhythm to Alexis panting, increasing it, and increasing it, until the blonde screamed loudly with a ferocious orgasm. Alexis felt her body melt as the warm flow of juices escaped her pussy, coating Minori's hand. Minori watched as Alexis' body buckled and collapsed to the bed and moved to kiss her hungrily on the mouth. Minori had to admit that this woman who was almost twice her age was an amazing lover. She took a moment to admire Alexis' heaving breasts and pink rosy nipples. child fuckig photos It was obvious from Alexis' flat stomach and toned limbs that she kept in shape.The sound of the phone broke the moment between the two women. Alexis remained laid out on the bed but motioned for the receiver. Minori obeyed without delay."Hello?" Alexis said sternly. "What?!"Minori raised her eyebrows at Alexis' tone. It was obvious that something terrible had happened to crack the usually collected woman's icy veneer. Minori immediately knew it had something to do with Ashley. The girl was the only person on the planet able to bring out such emotion in Alexis."Well where is she?" Alexis yelled sitting up on the bed. "You're useless, I'll handle it."Alexis screamed in anger and tossed the phone against the wall breaking it into pieces."Minori, my granddaughter is missing. Find her."The dark haired woman simply nodded and walked naked from the room."Goddammit Ashley." Alexis fumed.*****"Make yourself at home." Kate said tossing her keys on a nearby table.Kate half regretted having to injure that cop back in the alley but knew it was a necessary evil. She didn't dare reveal herself as cop in front of Ashley and she didn't have time to sort out the details in some downtown interrogation room."So this is your place, huh?" Ashley said poking at a stuffed bear Kate kept on the couch.Kate nodded and then turned to look out the window of her apartment. The distant sound of police sirens could still be heard several blocks away."You could have just taken me home, y'know."Kate turned and gave a fake smile. "Yeah, you should have reminded me to turn the car around and drive through the loads of police cars to against child porn find a place I've never been."A look of sadness came over Ashley's face as she looked away. Kate immediately felt sorry for her outburst of sarcasm."Hey, I'm sorry." Kate walked over and looked into Ashley's eyes. "I'm sorry ok?"Ashley gave a half-smile as she looked at Kate and accepted her apology."I'll take you home in a couple hours, ok?"Ashley responded by walking over to the window and starting silently.Kate took a quick look around the room and took a silent inventory. She hadn't planned on bringing Ashley to her apartment but luckily she didn't keep many indications of her job around. Her badge was tucked under the seat of her car and her service revolver was in her bedside table. There were a few police manuals nude children galeries and literature in the bedroom but nothing noticeable."Ugh, I'm a mess." Ashley groaned. "Does your shower work?"Kate was taken aback by the question. "I uh, I think so.""Oookay . can I use it?" Ashley said tilting her head to the side."Well, I uh, I guess so." Kate said with hesitation in her voice.Ashley just smiled and moved to the hallway, "Right through here?" She asked."Yeah, through there."Without another word, Ashley entered and closed the bathroom door behind her.Kate stood speechless in the living room until she heard the familiar "whoosh" sound of the shower.*****Ashley closed her eyes, leaning into the hot spray with a soft groan. She let the water cascade over her face and down her body. Slowly the girl turned her back to the water and stood under it, letting the steam pound on her back and neck. As the bathroom began to fill up with steam Ashley let her mind drift. Thoughts and images appeared . old friends, her parents, and now the woman who had helped her. Ashley knew there was something special about the woman. >From the moment she had noticed her dancing she was captivated by her. Of course, the girl's outward appearance and demeanor would never reveal this. A few instances of interference from her grandmother and her annoying habit of exploiting her emotions had caused the teenager to turn inward. It was a lonely existence but she considered it a safe alternative.Turning back to the shower spray, Ashley opened samples childporno her lips and let the water soothe her throat. The smoke from the clubs always irritated her sinuses and left her throat tickling for days. She let the water overflow her mouth and spill down her body, snaking around her navel and down the inside of her soft thighs."She apologized to me," Ashley's thoughts child sluts pictures drifted back to Kate. "she apologized and she meant it."Ashley closed her eyes and for the first time in a long while was comforted by the thought that someone had been sincere in taking her feelings in account. None of the vapid girls she hung around had ever seemed genuine and certainly her own grandmother would never think to apologize . even if she was obviously wrong. Reaching over to the shower wall, Ashley grabbed a bar of orange soap. She rubbed it between her hands for a moment to gain a good lather and began washing her breasts. She moaned softly as her soapy palms moved over her nipples. They quickly hardened as she felt a tingle deep in her pussy."Is . is she . for real?" Ashley's thoughts were slightly confused at this new sensation that had crept into her thoughts.Ashley licked her lips as she slid one of her hands down over her young body, her fingers sliding over the wet hairs of her virgin pussy. She slowly massaged her sensitive lips, shuddering every time the tip of her finger grazed her clit. There was no way for Kate to know but she had unconsciously shown Ashley that she was still worth something. At that moment Ashley knew she was still human inside and tears began to sting her eyes. Falling to the fetal position on the shower floor, Ashley began sobbing quietly.*****Kate sat in silence in the living room. She had taken a position in a chair parallel to the window facing the street. Constant paranoia was a trait she had formed at a very young age, although she preferred to think of it as being well-prepared. The soft spray of the shower through the closed door was the only sound in the apartment as Kate stared out into the night.The teenager wasn't quite what Kate had expected. The granddaughter of a woman with such an infamous reputation such as Alexis Chambers should have been a living terror. However, Ashley seemed fairly down to earth for someone who had lived such a bizarre early childhood. Kate knew the signs of someone bottling their emotions better than anyone. In most ways Kate was even now living an isolated life, afraid to open up and admit she was angry and still in pain. Living her life in such a way had forced Kate to mature far beyond her years and she felt great sorrow that Ashley seemed doomed to the same fate."So what's your name anyway?" a voice said in the darkness.Kate was childporn pics pussy so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't seen Ashley come in to the room. The girl was dressed in one of Kate's dark blue bathrobes and was still drying her hair with a towel. The shower had washed the temporary pink and blue dye from Ashley's hair leaving it her natural shade of dirty blonde."Kate . Kate Greene.""I'm Ashley."Ashley reached out and offered her hand. Kate returned the gesture and squeezed the girl's hand. At that moment Kate realized how much younger Ashley looked without the club clothes and make-up. Her natural face was soft and lovely and there were a few stands of wet hair that still hung over her eyes."Made yourself at home I see." Kate said moving her eyes over Ashley's robe."Oh, I hope you don't mind. I had to dry chile vids off first.""Of course not, go ahead." Kate said offering a smile.Kate instantly decided that she had to start asking the obvious questions. "So, will your parents start to worry about you?"Ashley flinched slightly at the children foto nudist question causing Kate to half-regret asking it."I live with my grandmother." Ashley said looking to the floor."Oh, well maybe you should give her a call."Ashley silently walked over the couch and sat down. Kate could immediately sense children fuck pic there was some tension between the two. The fact that the teenager seemed reluctant to call her own grandmother indicated an obvious rift."Hey, Hey" Kate started. "I understand. I had to stay with my Aunt and Uncle for many, many years when I lost my parents. It's never the same.""Your parents?" Ashley said looking over at Kate."Yeah," Kate replied looking back out the window. "They died when I was very young. House fire." It was an obvious lie, but the memory of her parents still caused her eyes to begin to glisten.Ashley's cold exterior began to crack and her eyes began to reflect Kate's pain. She pulled her legs up on the couch and hugged her knees. Slowly, the girl began to russian childs nude rock back and forth as she remembered the day she learned of her own parents' accident.Kate found herself unusually conflicted at manipulating Ashley in this way. She had used numerous lies and stories to influence and gain trust from suspects and known criminals over the years, but never something so close to her own experience. Kate knew firsthand the wound that was created by the death of someone you loved with all your heart and to use it so callously to gain information gnawed at her. She tried to convince herself that she was helping Ashley. In a way, the story was true and helping the girl to deal with her feelings would be good for her. At least Kate hoped it would be."I know your grandmother would be worried." Kate said finally."Yeah, worried that I'm ruining her good name again." Ashley said sniffing through her tears.Kate couldn't maintain her faade any longer. She got up and sat beside Ashley on the couch."Her good name? Is she famous or something?""She's Alexis Chambers." Ashley said resting her forehead on her knees.Kate immediate used her acting ability, "Alexis pictures children sexi Chambers? Wait, that means .""I know, I know." Ashley sobbed."Ashley Chambers."Ashley just shook her head and continued rocking back and forth."You look different than your picture in the paper." Kate said."Yeah, thanks." Ashley said sarcastically.Kate placed her hand on Ashley's shoulder and squeezed it gently. "Ok, bad joke. But it's going to be ok . no harm done."Ashley instinctively threw her arms around Kate's neck and bawled into her shoulder. asain children sex Kate's heart ached at the child's pain as she hugged her back. The despair and desperation in Ashley's sobs was palpable, so much so that Kate shed a few tears that sprung to her eyes."It's ok, Ashley. It's ok."Raising her head up Ashley looked deep into Kate's eyes. She stared for only a few seconds before she caught a glimpse of what she was looking for. Kate's emotion was genuine. Ashley was right, even though the dark haired woman's words were false, the sentiment behind them was sincere. The girl's hands moved to gently cup the back of Kate's head. Kate knew what was coming next but didn't want to stop it. Slowly, Ashley leaned forward and pressed her mouth delicately against Kate's. For a long, exquisite eternity, there was nothing else but Ashley's soft lips. The velvet taste of her, the sweetness of need could not be denied. Despite the small voice of conscious in the back of her mind, Kate found she was unable to resist the rising onslaught of desire. With her heart thudding in her chest, Kate pulled Ashley closer and held her tight. The passion of years of intense loneliness and suppressed emotions exploded in that minute.Suddenly, a feeling of guilt washed over Kate and she broke the kiss. Immediately, Kate rose from the couch and stood with her back to the girl. The fever of desire still burned on Kate's lips as she fought the instinct to take Ashley up in her arms."I . I have to go." Kate said grabbing her coat off the back of the couch."Go?" Ashley said anxiously. "Go where?""I just have to go.""Kate!" Ashley called after her. "I'm sorry!"Kate looked back into Ashley's anguished eyes as she opened the door and for a split second she nude art child reconsidered her exit. Without warning a blow to the head knocked Kate to floor"You didn't have to hit her!" Ashley shrieked.Minori ignored the girl's protested and continued driving."I went to her place on my own, she didn't kidnap me!"These facts were meaningless to Minori, she was given a job and she was going to complete it. A few inquiries to the right people at the club was enough to point her in Ashley's direction. The trail of snitches and people who offered up information after some encouragement ended at the apartment. After a well placed strike with the child nude yo butt of her gun to the unknown woman's head, Minori had dragged Ashley kicking and screaming out into the car."You are such a bitch, Minori!" Ashley screeched.Minori turned on the car's CD player full blast and let the music drown out the annoying cries of the girl.*****Kate awoke half an hour later with a throbbing headache. Her vision was still starry as she examined the angry bruise on her forehead."I don't think it was a stupid as me walking into the wall." Kate thought to herself. "Someone hit me."No doubt it was one of Alexis' guard dogs. Chambers had the city wrapped up tighter than the police could ever hope to achieve and that thought was doing nothing to soothe the pain in Kate's head."At least they didn't blow my head off." Kate said as she fetched some ice from the freezer.All of a sudden the memory of the kiss she had shared with Ashley came flooding back. What bothered Kate the most was the fact that she felt that she had shared more of herself, more passion than she had ever shared with any lover. That 14 year old girl had been able to cut back more layers of her self-imposed protection than Kate would ever have expected was possible. Brushing her fingers lightly over her lips, Kate hoped that Ashley was ok. There was nothing to do now but wait.*****"What the Hell were you doing Ashley?" Alexis snarled."Oh no, you can't yell at me for this Memaw!" Ashley yelled back. "You've overreacted again!""So Minori didn't find you at some strange apartment after the police raided that dive of a club you frequent?""I was nothing like that!" Ashley hollered as she ran into her room.Alexis followed soon after her and shut the door. "What was it like then Ashley? Were you out whoring yourself around and getting picked up by some lowlife?"Her grandmother words cut Ashley deeply but she did not show the pain outwardly. It was a familiar occurrence that Alexis would make wild accusations and say the most hurtful things possible. The girl simply swallowed hard and felt the heartache slide down her throat once again."You shouldn't even be at that damn club! You're far too young.""I'm not hanging around here." Ashley said under her breath."Well, who was this person you were with?""She's a friend."The disclosure that the person Ashley was hanging out with a female came as a relief to Alexis. That meant that she wouldn't be up to any unseemly actions."She's a friend who your lap dog punched for no reason! She's probably dead Memaw.""Relax Sweetheart," Alexis said distantly. "I'm sure your friend is fine. Maybe this will teach you not to let me know where you are."Ashley shook her head and looked away. The thought of Kate lying unconscious in her apartment dying was almost too much for the teenager. As her grandmother left the room she collapsed on her bed and cried into her pillow.*****Kate splashed cold water from the sink in her face. Her headache had somewhat subsided but the wrong tilt of her head would cause a random spike of pain.The ring of the phone caused Kate to quickly dry her face and make her way to the nearest phone in the kitchen."Hello?" Kate said weakly."Kate? Oh Kate are you ok?" Ashley's voice on the other line download child pornography was immediately recognizable."Ashley? I'm fine . where are you? Are you ok?""I'm ok, I'm at home.""Thank God," Kate said in relief. "What's going on?""My grandmother's security .""God, didn't they know I was trying to help?" Kate said rubbing her bruise."I don't think it matters to her." Ashley said sympathetically."How did you ." Kate started to ask."Get your number? I got Minori to tell me what building she picked me up at and I phoned information."Kate was immediately thankful she had setup her alias in the right avenues. "Minori must be the nice person who knocked my lights out.""I'm so sorry about that Kate. Minori is such a robot bitch. She does whatever Memaw childporno top says.""Memaw?""Oh, that's my grandmother. She never did let me call her grandma or gran or anything like that. I think it reminds her how old she's getting."Kate nodded. Alexis' vanity was well documented in the file and the fact that her narcissism had spread to her interaction with her own granddaughter was sickening to her."I'm glad you're ok, Kate." Ashley whispered into the phone."Ashley, I ." Kate was unable to finish."I was just so worried. I didn't want you to leave. I'm sorry I sprung that on you . but you were so nice to me.""I didn't want to leave either, but I think things were getting out of control. You don't even know me.""I think I know you better than I've known anyone in a long while."Kate's eyes widened as she held her breath. The girl's words exactly echoed how she felt and for the first time in a long while she was scared."Ashley, I think you were just confused and emotional from what happened at the club. I don't think .""No," Ashley interrupted. "No Kate."Ashley's tone said it all. The two had connected and although Kate was trying to fight the obvious, even her steely resolve was fading."Memaw is calling me," Ashley said. "I've got to go. But I want to see you again.""Maybe we ." Kate started."Here's my cellphone number."Kate immediately scribbled down the numbers on a piece of paper. The line between her duty, her faade and her honest feelings were becoming distorted. As the conversation ended Kate leaned her head against the wall next to the phone and gently thumped her forehead. The instant pain of her recent injury seeing child nude caused her to flinch and curse."What the Hell are you doing Kate?" Kate said shaking her head.***** "I'm sorry you had to come here like this Kate." Ashley said as she let Kate inside. "But my grandmother wouldn't let me see you again unless she met you herself.""I don't know if I'm comfortable with this." Kate said raising an eyebrow to Ashley.Kate had driven out the Chambers estate at the request of young Ashley. Truthfully she was more than ready to get as close to Alexis Chambers as she could. This meeting would give her valuable insight that would hopefully lead to the criminal's downfall."Don't worry Kate. All you have to do is say Hi and she'll leave you alone."Kate smiled down at Ashley and took a moment to admire the girl's cute outfit. She wore a simple ensemble of jeans and a white t-shirt. The jeans hung low on Ashley's hips and the white material of her shirt clung tightly to her teenage form. Kate's pulse quickened as she followed the girl down a long hallway."Come'on now, let's not mix business and pleasure." Kate thought to herself."How's your head?" Ashley said gritting her ameture child sex teeth."Doesn't hurt that much anymore." Kate replied while patting her bruise. She had done her best to cover it up with make-up but it children foto xxx was still very apparent."You can thank her for that." Ashley said as they came upon Minori waiting by the archway.Kate's eyes met the icy stare of the asian bodyguard. She instantly flashed Minori a dirty look."You want to apologize to her now Minori?" Ashley said harshly."Miss Chambers, Miss Greene. Alexis is waiting for you inside.""Whatever." Ashley shot back."Nice to meet you." Kate grumbled as she walked past.The door opened into a enormous parlor and Kate slowly made her 7yo childsex way in behind Ashley. Kate looked around the room adorned with a gigantic crystal chandelier, expensive looking couches and chairs, and matching puffy drapes. Kate pursed her lips and tried not to show her disgust. The idea that a known criminal could live in such splendor made her stomach churn."Ashley."Both Ashley and Kate turned towards the left side of the parlor litle child pussy looking for the sound of the voice. Alexis stood motionless, a wisp of smoke emanating from the cigarette in her hand. Kate's eyes focused on the slender blonde woman facing away from her, staring out the window."Well, here she is." Ashley said disdainfully.Alexis turned from the window and let her gaze fall directly on Kate. Scanning the dark haired woman up and down with her wintry blue eyes, Alexis seemed to penetrate to Kate's soul. Suddenly Kate felt like a little girl again. Something about that stare triggered her memories of being frozen with dread inside the closet.Alexis finally broke the silence. "Miss Greene, I hear you came to my granddaughter's aid.""I was just in the right place at the wrong time." Kate replied."Undeniably." Alexis said bringing the cigarette to her lips."You wanted to see me incest 3d child for some reason?" Kate said regaining her nerve."I also understand that you had a bit of a run in with my associate, Miss Hiroko." Alexis said motioning Kate to take a seat.Kate reluctantly complied, not wanting to disrupt the immaculate cushion that would have looked at home in a museum."More like Minori gave her a cheapshot!" Ashley snapped.Alexis simply ignored Ashley's outburst, never taking her eyes off of Kate."I think we all had a bit of a misunderstanding." Kate answered coolly."Nevertheless, I would like to offer my most heartfelt apology. I only feared for my granddaughter's safety."Ashley made a disgusted noise and crossed her arms across her chest."Like I said, it was a misunderstanding.""I told you Minori was nuts, Memaw! She almost caved in Kate's head!" Ashley shouted.The older woman shot the girl an angry look that immediately made her sit in silence."Ashley, please take a walk." Alexis said giving a dismissive wave of her hand.Kate gritted her teeth but remained calm. She watched as Ashley's jaw dropped in shock and then curled back up in rage. Kate's eyes projected a knowing glance as the teenager stomped past. Ashley's features soften a little as she noticed Kate's compassion and for the first time in a long while, she didn't slam the door."I must apologize for Ashley. She's a troubled young lady.""No need to apologize." Kate said with forced pleasantry."What exactly do you do, Miss Greene." Alexis immediately asked."I'm a legal assistant down at the law courts." Kate often used that job cover to explain her frequent presence near downtown."Do you often hide young girls from the police?" Alexis said dryly."I was just trying to help out. Ashley started freaking out as soon as she saw the police so I figured I'd help cut her a break.""She seems to have taken quite a liking to you. I'm constantly hearing, Kate this and Kate that, it's the most Ashley has said to me in years.""Well, I find treating people like human beings seems to have that effect." Kate said harshly.Alexis flashed a fake smile. "Of course."Kate was surprised at her own words. You could almost count on child defloration links one hand how many people had spoken to Alexis Chambers in such a way, and most of those people never lived to tell the tale."At any rate," Alexis said taking another drag on her cigarette and letting the smoke spill out over her lips for a moment. "As you may or may not know, Ashley doesn't seem to want to play nice with the people I send to watch her. She spends half her time trying to run off on her own and I'm tired of hearing the complaints."Alexis walked over to a nearby desk and began scribbling something on a piece of paper."Since my darling Ashley seems to trust you even though she has just met you," Alexis said giving Kate another piercing glare. "I think you would be best suited to watch over her for a day or two.""What do you mean?""I have to leave town on business for a few nights. Usually I take Ashley with me . but all she does is whine and criticize children porno naturist the entire time. I think she would benefit much more by having someone older ensure her safety that she actually trusts.""You mean, I would stay here or she would stay with me?""Whatever works best for you, my dear.""Ok," Kate said calmly. "I'll do it.""Of course you will."*****"Minori," Alexis said quietly. "I need you to look into this `Miss Greene' for me.""Do you suspect something?" Minori said accepting the paper Alexis handed to her."Not really."*****"Ashley?" Kate called down a random hall after wandering for a few minutes.All of a sudden she felt two arms wrap around her waist and hug her. Kate was only tense for a moment before realizing they were Ashley's. Kate whirled around as the young blonde briefly released her embrace only to squeeze harder when they were face to face. The sudden display of emotion took Kate off guard."Whoa, hey! I wasn't that lost." Kate said with a smile."I heard what you said." Ashley said still holding firm."What I said?""Treating me like a human being." Ashley said sweetly."Oh." Kate said remembering her scathing retort to Alexis."You're so awesome, Kate." Ashley beamed."So wait, you were eavesdropping?" Kate said with a raised eyebrow."Wellll," Ashley said coyly. "I wanted to make sure Memaw wasn't going to grill you or anything. She does that to my friends and then they don't want to hang out with me.""So I guess you know.""I know! Isn't children sex foto it great?! We can hang out for a couple days without Memaw hanging over us."The prospect was more than appealing to the undercover detective. With Ashley's help she would have free reign of the Chambers estate and with Alexis gone there would be even less chance of getting caught. Still, Alexis was obviously no fool . caution would still be the name of illegal kds child the game from here on out.*****A few hours later Kate pulled back up to the Chambers estate. She had taken time to head back to her apartment to get a shower and a change of clothes. By the time she pulled up to the main door the sun was already sinking into the horizon. Taking a few moments to examine the surroundings, Kate took note of the entrance vulnerabilities and outdoor security cameras. It was likely that she wouldn't have to resort to clandestine measures, but Kate always liked to have a Plan B.Soon Kate heard the front door opening and young Ashley stepped into view."Oh my." Kate gasped softly.Kate watched as Ashley came walking towards the car dressed in a crisp white dress adorned with diagonal frills. Her dirty blonde hair hung loosely around her shoulder, reaching down to just above her pert breasts. Her make-up was light and feminine, accenting her features perfectly."What?" Ashley asked opening the car door and easing into the passenger seat."You look very preeten children pretty."Ashley simply blushed and looked out the window."Where are we off to then?" Kate asked."Have you been to The Fringe?"Kate raised her eyebrows, "Hmm, I think I'd have to save up for a year to even order the soup.""Don't worry," Ashley beamed. "Dinner is on me."Kate gave an uneasy grin. She wasn't sure how to feel about letting her young "date" pay for dinner. At the same time, she knew that arguing would do no good."The Fringe it is." Kate said pulling out of the driveway.*****It was only a short drive to the upper-class neighborhood where all kinds of chic restaurants lined the street. Kate could already see the dollar signs rolling in front of her eyes.After arriving at The Fringe, Kate and Ashley were shown to a private table in the main dining room by one of the owners of the establishment. It seemed that members of the Chambers family had a standing reservation. After the older gentleman took their orders personally, they were left alone."I think he was intimidated by you." child fisting pics Kate whispered."Me? Why?" Ashley asked watching the owner disappear into the kitchen."I guess he expects you to be like your grandmother."A sullen look came over the girl. "I seem to get that wherever I go."Kate slid her hand across the table and placed it on the teenager's. "You're nothing like your grandmother, Ashley. You're a sweet, kind, caring girl."Ashley stared deeply into Kate's eyes and a hint of elation returned to her features."I mean it, don't ever let her beat you down and turn you into something you're not."Suddenly Kate realized that she may be squeezing Ashley's hand too tightly and slipped her hand to her lap."You look nice tonight Kate."Kate blushed ever so slightly, feeling her cheeks burn for only a split second. She had opted to wear a simple black dress that night, certainly nothing spectacular but it was the fanciest dress she owned. The life of an undercover cop didn't often lead to ritzy restaurants and Kate found it to be a welcome chance of pace.The pair sat together in silence for several more minutes, enjoying the music playing in the background."What are you thinking about?" Ashley asked finally breaking the silence."Nothing ." Kate lied. "Nothing important.""I'm glad you came tonight." Ashley said, her eyes seeming to sparkle. "You know, about the other night."Kate immediately knew where the conversation was heading and decided to stop it before it began, children upskirt "Ashley, it's ok. We don't need to talk about that now."The blonde girl stiffened for a moment and then eased back in her chair. The disappointment on her face was clear but Kate wasn't up for discussion on the spontaneous kiss they had shared the previous night. Quickly changing the dinner banter, the pair chatted over their meals. Although neither dared say it out loud, they both knew they would have to face the growing uncertainty.*****"I should be going." Kate said making a move towards the bedroom door. She reached for the doorknob and opened the door just a crack."Please Kate," Ashley's voice almost seemed to beg. "There are plenty of rooms in this place. I . I don't want to be alone tonight.""Alone? I think there are about twenty guards walking around out there.""You know what I mean.""Ashley . of course I know what you mean. It's just .""What?" Ashley shot back. "Because I kissed you?"Kate turned away and looked at the wall, focusing on a random poster of Christina Aguilera. Her mind began to race as she tried to make sense of the emotions and thoughts churning in her mind."Kate! . please." Ashley pleaded."I shouldn't have done that Ashley." Kate said, still staring at sex children gallery the wall. "You don't even know me.""I know what I need to know. I know that you're a good person. A good person who's cared more about me in children fuck movies the past two days than Memaw has my entire life!" The girls eyes began to tear as plunked down on her bed.Kate's heart broke for the young girl as she watched her in so much personal pain. The hurt she was forced to live with caused her to latch on to the first person who showed her even the most basic attention. The fact that Kate was purposefully using that rift between Ashley and Alexis made her question her actions. "How can I do this to this poor girl?" she asked herself.Closing the bedroom door, Kate took a seat beside the now sobbing teenager. She took Ashley's hand and gave it a squeeze.Ashley brought Kate's hand up to her face and kissed the open palm. "Please," the girl whispered desperately. "Don't push me away. This all hurts so much. I need to forget the pain . just for a little while. I need to be with you."As Ashley spoke, she brushed her lips along Kate's hand, finally grazing her teeth on either side of the thumb, tracing little circles with her tongue. Kate shivered and started to pull her hand away. Ashley quickly released the woman's hand nude girls children and hung her head in sadness.Kate reached up and pulled the teenager closer until they met in a kiss. Ashley was rigid at first, but gradually relaxed, moving her lips gently against Kate's. Kate felt the girl lean against her, slender arms sliding around her neck and finally feeling fingers running though her hair. Kate let her hand slide down the small of Ashley's back, surprised at how sturdy she felt despite her small frame. She kissed a trail down the girl's throat as she felt Ashley passionately grasping at her."Let me take this off." Kate said pulling off her top and unhooking her bra.Kate pulled Ashley back up to her face, kissing her harder now. Tracing Ashley's lip with the tip of her tongue, Kate heard the girl moan softly. She closed her eyes at the sound, breathing faster. Kate enticed the girl's tongue into her mouth and found herself beginning to moan. Ashley's moved her head down and found the inside of Kate's elbow, she kissed and nibbled her way down the woman's arm to the wrist just below the thumb. Moving back up, Ashley ran her tongue around the edge of the woman's jaw to her left ear, huskily breathing Kate's name. Drawing the girl's body against hers, Kate pressed her face against Ashley's breasts through her shirt. Ashley cradled Kate's head with one hand while stroking her smooth back with the other. Kate's mouth once again found Ashley's velvety lips, kissing her in a slow, intense way that caused the girl to begin whimpering. The young blonde started to spin helplessly into a pool of dizziness."Ash?" Kate stopped kissing and pulled back. "You have to breathe."Ashley obediently drew a shuddering breath, and then another. She felt the dizziness recede which allowed the other building sensations to move back into the forefront."Do you want to stop?" Kate asked, brushing a hair through Ashley's silken blonde hair."No!" the teenager's answer was quick and emphatic causing Kate to laugh a little. Ashley gasped as Kate reached down to remove her shirt, lifting it up over her head and letting it fall to the floor. Kate slide aside the bra cup on Ashley's right breast and gently took the nipple between her forefinger and thumb, rolling it between the tips. Ashley's moaned and smiled as Kate returned her lips for a kiss once more.This time, Ashley remembered to keep the air flowing steadily through her nasal passages. "This is so wonderful . so great." Ashley thought as she let her tongue Kate's, swirling around the woman's teeth and across her bottom lip.Ashley soon felt her nipples harden and throb as she arched her back upward without really knowing why. Kate's mouth soon left their kiss and trailed down across the girl's chest as her hands removed the girl's bra. Covering Ashley's left nipple with satiny kisses and tenderly nibbling the exposed flesh."Mmmmm, Kate." Ashley groaned throatily.Kate ceased her attentions to the girl's breasts and looked up. "You're so gorgeous baby" Kate said easing child nudism tgp Ashley backward to the bed. "I want to taste you."Ashley nodded and watched as Kate eased off her socks, unbuttoned the front of her jeans, and eased them down her legs. She stared intently at Kate's features as the woman took ahold of her panties and slipped forbidden child porno them off."Are you scared sweetheart?" Kate asked as she placed Ashley's pink panties aside."No." Ashley replied softly."Just relax Baby." Kate whispered as she leaned in-between the teenager's smooth legs.Kate smiled faintly and nuzzled the thin patch of blonde pubic hair. The sweet scent of Ashley's arousal filled Kate's nostrils as she brushed her lips over the pouty flesh beneath her. Kate ran the tip of her tongue along the crease, tasting the bit of moisture that had seeped out but did not seek the tender flesh protected within. Instead, she kissed the silky junction where Ashley's leg extended, nuzzling into the girl's inner thigh, first on one side and then on the other. The slight teasing was significantly increasing Ashley's anticipation for a more defined touch."Unnnnh . Kate. Please.""Shhhh," Kate murmured. "Just wait."Ashley groaned a little louder and kept her hands busy by kneading and squeezing her young breasts.Very carefully, Kate kissed the girl's most intimate place. Mimicking the movements she would perform on Ashley's mouth, tracing over the supple child nudist videos lips, teasing to release the moisture within. Kate heard Ashley's mewling and felt her hips arch slowly against her. Using her lips and tongue with precise skill, she coordinated the girl's light thrusts with those of her tongue, drawing out Ashley's pleasure slowly. Gradually Kate built up the intensity, easing off for a few moments and then building it once again, higher, stronger, increasing ever so slightly."Mmmmm Kate, something . something's happening!" Ashley panted.Pressing sweetly on Ashley's inner center, Kate finally released her young lover. Ashley was overtaken by a sequence of spasm which swept throughout her body, carried along a tide of total delight. Kate felt the girl's fingers tangle in her dark hair, pressing tighter against her as cries of joy echoed in the room.*****Kate lay wide-eyed next to the sleeping girl. It had only been ten minutes since Ashley had rolled over and passed out from exhaustion. Kate's present thoughts were not what she had expected and she sat there pondering. She was not ashamed of what she had done, she did not regret it. As a matter of fact, she was amazed at how utterly perfect it had been. The connection she felt to Ashley had been more powerful than any previous relationship to the point where she had no idea it could be this way. The young girl resting comfortably beside her had completely given herself over and Kate had desired to please her. Her desire still burned as Kate reached over to caress Ashley's messy hair."So pretty." Kate whispered.Ashley stirred ever so slightly at Kate's touch but remained sleeping."What have you gotten me into, hmm?" Kate said with a small smile.Carefully, Kate removed Ashley's slender arm resting on her waist and rolled off the bed. The room was only lit by moonlight as Kate fished around on the floor for her top and purse. She tiptoed across the floor to the door and turned the knob as quietly as possible. The late night hour and the fact that Kate had already bypassed all the external security measures made it a perfect time for nosing around. Making sure to stay to the shadows as she crept carefully down the dimly lit hallways, Kate avoided the sight of a few random security personnel.After consulting a crude map that she had scrawled on a piece of scrap paper, Kate made her way to the south wing of the estate where intelligence had reported Alexis' office was located. When she reached the outer doors of the office she xxxchild com started in on picking the basic lock. Immediately Kate knew something wasn't right. If this was Alexis' private office, certainly it would be protected by something much more effective.A soft click sounded the release of the lock and Kate slowly slid her head through the entrance. The room was dark and Kate strained her eyes to use the miniscule amount of light spilling in from the hallway. The sound of footstep approaching forced Kate to rush inside and close the office door nudists child photos behind her. She leaned up against the door and tried to control her breathing as the footsteps walked past and continued down the corridor. Kate breathed a sigh of relief and warily made her way farther into the room. The room remained pitch black as Kate groped blindly with her hands. Her fingers finally touched the top of what felt like a desk and she skimmed her hands along the edge until she found what tgp porn child she needed. A cord leading to a small lamp provided the illumination she needed. The room was expected lavish with a glass and crystal theme. The lack of windows led Kate to believe that Alexis really didn't want anyone spying on what went on within. Kate rummaged though the drawers of the desk and shuffled through a few random papers but found nothing useful. Even the filing cabinets propped against the walls held nothing but legitimate financial papers. Following her instincts Kate ran her fingers along the underside of the desk until she felt a hard plastic switch."Gotcha." Kate said pressing the hidden button.In an instant a metallic groan sounded behind Kate as a concealed entrance slid open. Kate made her way through the opening and surveyed the room. Two computers sat at a desk at the opposite side of the room and the walls were lined with rows of silver filing cabinets. Kate examined the locks and shook her head after she realized these locks were far more sophisticated. It would take time and tools and she had neither."Another time then." Kate said stepping back out of the room.After resealing the hidden room and turning off the desk lamp, Kate carefully closed the door to Alexis' office."Kate?"The sudden noise startled Kate and she whirled around to see Ashley standing in the hall."Were you in Memaw's office?" Ashley asked."Ashley! I uh, got lost on the way to the bathroom I guess. This place is like a museum.""Oh," Ashley said with a smile. "Yeah, the bathroom is this way. Yikes, good thing I found you and not one of those boneheads roaming around here.""You and me both kid." Kate thought to herself.Ashley wrapped her arm around Kate's waist and rested her head on the taller woman's side.*****Minori Hiroko paced back and forth, her mind was running a mile a minute. She paused briefly to look out the window of the hotel penthouse and then resumed her stride."Would you quit doing that," Alexis called out from the bed. "You're giving me a headache." The blonde woman glared at Minori while massaging her temples.Minori halted from a moment and turned her head towards Alexis. "You should have let me stay.""There was no reason. Besides . I need you here.""I don't like the idea of that woman being left alone in the house." Minori said turning back to the window."That legal secretary? She's a cheap babysitter for Ashley.""I don't trust her." Minori said grimly."Miss Greene has a smart mouth to be sure, but she's harmless."Minori remained silent for a moment before slowly unzipping the front of her jacket and walking seductively over to the bed. She made a silent vow that she wasn't through with this "Miss Greene", not by a long shot.*****Two days later Kate found herself going over naked child photo some notes she had jotted down about her investigation into Alexis Chambers. A smile soon crossed her lips as her thoughts drifted to Ashley. The two had spent a lot of time together since the night they succumbed to their scorching desire. Kate hadn't quite accepted the fact yet but Ashley could barely contain her elation at their new relationship. The reality of her true intentions kept Kate from truly enjoying the situation. The contentment she wanted always seemed just out of her reach.The high-pitched noise of the apartment buzzer jolted Kate out of her daydreams."Hello?""Kate? It's me, Ashley."Without another word Kate pressed the door release. Less than a minute later Ashley came running into the apartment. Kate barely had time to close the door before the teenager was planting kisses on her lips and cheeks."Did you miss me?" Ashley said with a slight pout."You know I did." Kate said with a grin.The young blonde beamed with joy when she heard Kate's words. Tossing her coat over a chair, Ashley leaned in behind Kate who had taken a seat on the couch."So ." Ashley said leaning up and down on her toes."So?" Kate continued."I don't think we quite finished the other night.""As I recall, you were quite finished." Kate teased."Hey! I've never done that before. Gimme a break." Ashley said playfully as she walked around the side of the couch."Wellll," Kate said motioning Ashley closer. "I guess it wouldn't be fair not to finish what we started. Kate snagged the girl by the collar and pulled her into a kiss. Ashley collapsed on top of the older woman and lost herself in the taste of Kate's mouth.When the fervent kisses ended, Ashley righted herself into a sitting position again and looked at Kate with lust glazed eyes. To the girl Kate looked gorgeous and sexy and simply perfect. It was difficult to grasp all the feelings coursing though her being, so she ignored her thoughts and focused in on the pleasant sensations. In the back of her mind though, the most random thought emerged. That somewhere, somehow her grandmother would find a way t